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a project by Richard Yasmine

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What is the inspiration for Silent Hollows?

As each year our intention through our projects is provoking emotions and highlighting a social matter or raising awareness, this year’s concept is dedicated to Nature, “SILENT HOLLOWS” is a tribute to Mother Nature, its essential qualities/innate dispositions and its relationship with the human internal pandemonium. The perception is translated into a reproduction of the curvy geological external crust of our globe, and converted into poetic functional objects. The concept translates the metaphorical transmutation of alchemy with its multiple stages affecting nature and human being to attain a spiritual enlightenment and supernatural existence. “SILENT HOLLOWS” divulge emotional variations of the self while revealing environmental perturbations within the planet, notably; motionless and activeness, calmness and agitation, wildness and mildness, generating contrasted splendor and mystery phenomenon of volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and lakes.

It will be displayed as an installation composed of the multiple sizes of organic shaped mirrors and tables, altogether recreating an interstellar scenery or a celestial scenography, with an immersive three-dimensional VR experience transporting the viewer from a dramatic to an alternative mystic planetary landscape celebrating the journey through virtual sensations.

Through this experiment, I invite the viewer to liberate the soul from its attachment to matter, fall in too deep and dive within.

Through immersive virtual reality, Silent Hollows transports the viewer on a journey through virtual sensations. What does this new narrative design represent?

In our contemporary days the objective through designing is not only the aesthetics of creativity but mainly the human and the social, since I started designing it was always my intention to transport the viewer on a journey of emotional sensation through my objects and storytelling. Today with “SILENT HOLLOWS” and the new narrative design mixing physical objects to immersive VR, represents the necessity for communicating and connecting between the work and the observer, as I said previously the community interaction with the work of art is what creates a soul to this art and make it eternally existing, it remains a timeless object through all circumstances.

During 5VIE Design Week, the first collection of NFTs generated from biometric data linked to the artistic experience will be created. What unites real and virtual, physical and immaterial?

Generating a physical and a real entity doesn’t derive from emptiness, things we think of as immaterial, such as consciousness, imagination, soul, and mind… are material phenomena classified as immaterial because we do not yet know their true nature. In my opinion supposing that virtuality suggests none exiting is a wrong theory because by claiming it, this implies it existence somewhere in the space or mind, therefore I confirm that creativity originates from immateriality which is translated via handcrafting or mechanically into physicality. Lately the marriage and alteration between virtual and physical impressions specifically in the art scenes, is accentuating the emergence of new internal and spatial dimensions which lead the observer to dig deeper in the subject in front of him in order to agitate his emotions and mental states producing intense neurophysiological experiences which sometimes help curing from health disorders. To conclude about this subject, I can say, what unites all these terms together is the “MIND”.

How does digital technology help create innovative art formats?

Since few decades digital technology is an essential tool in any field besides it helps to elaborate and produce exquisite results, its importance and usage in the creative and artistic process is crucial, as it offers various mediums which can help generating and expressing our imagination, from digital photography, computer graphics, pixel art, 3d, 4d, to more experimental mediums such as AI-generated art, AR, VR, etc… As digital technology has become intimately intertwined with everyday existence and continues to advance, artists use these innovations not only as an assistant in their creative process, but to transform the art world by leveraging these powerful technologies and tools as an art and design medium, allowing them to create striking, immersive, and highly engaging art pieces that are original and inventive, enabling artists and their expressions to gain expanded access to a whole new audience beyond the conventional boundaries of the art world.

Lately using AI midjourney in generating my own imaginary scripted concepts made me push the boundaries in selecting even the words that reflect my emotions to see it reproduced in shapes and colors on the screen, knowing that through my own experience using this virtual tool remains only for inspirational purpose, helping us to widen our artistic vision to create more complex physical concept.

What we perceive lately in the art scene proves how advanced technology is transforming the art world and the perception of art, yet it gives a wider range of enthusiasts an access to art, building their art collections and sharing it. Technologies have revolutionized the traditional art scene by allowing people to express their deepest emotions and beliefs through interactive and highly-engaging digital art, but as I constantly say, even if technologies are primordial in our life, it doesn’t mean that we should stop working in the classical norms, digital tools is amazing to extend the impact of the arts on the social platforms, it helps us a lot pre-production to visualize the final result however we should always be aware from negative influences, we should keep on focusing on the emotional and dramatic aspect of the work and the personal expression and perception as much as possible …

With Silent Hollows, design becomes a place of experience where artificial dimensions and neuroscience can be experimented with. What links the project to 5VIE?

In my opinion design and art in general were and will always remain a platform or else an intermediate through which the creator and the viewer are both invited to experience emotions and diverse sensations, they reveal new feelings and manipulate us to open up our mind to new boundaries then to question our inner beliefs about multiple matters and problematic, sometimes even existential. “SILENT HOLLOWS” our new installation for this year associated to the artificial intelligence and biometric data experiment by Sebastiano Deva is linked directly to 5VIE vision and general theme "Design for Good”, which intend to be an invitation to the viewers to look deeper to art works, look within and explore the interactive experience between themselves their brain and the mind behind the concept, therefore the reflection through the art pieces is translated into a experimenting tool cultivating deep human connections with the inner soul and spirituality as well as promoting the relationship between us, space and nature, which must be essential for the equilibrium of being.

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