Elham Nejati

Elham Nejati


My name is Elham Nejati. I have a master’s degree in Industrial Design from Tehran Azad university, central branch and I currently live in Tehran.

My designs are my internal desires.

I manifest my desire towards excitement – going beyond habit and expressing myself without any restrictions which have been with me from childhood – through my designs.

From a young age I’ve been looking for new ways to look at things.

I embrace nature as it is - I put no effort in changing it or to demonstrate it without any imperfections and flaws, I only mix it with my own thoughts. I hit rocks, and break them, and I allow them to show themselves with all their flaws and defects. Flaws are beautiful and accepting them is accepting what is true. Truths that prompt differences. Differences that are one of a kind and enchanting.

I love to create. Creating and constructing identities have always been attractive to me.

I have worked as a successful interior designer, but something was always lacking – something. I lost myself in my designs (which were conformed to laws – limitations – coercions and the taste of the employer.)

I’m looking for me in my designs and I will eventually find myself. When I’m creating, I don’t suppress my soul with restrictions and limitation, and I allow it to flow in my designs and creations.

At first, my designs are confronted by questions such as “what is this and what use does it have”.

My designs are constructions that allow interaction.

An area for discussion and a place to express “the feeling that has arisen in you”.

The space is welcoming and open




TOHI (Hollow)