Services for companies

5VIE is a Boutique Agency that can offer a series of tailor-made services in order to valorize the characteristics of each client. Our close relationship with the territory, and our ability to manage complexities by relying on a network of suppliers and specialized consultants makes us a perfect partner for communication operations on all scales.

Communication and strategic marketing

We have always strived to create interaction between the territory and the people who live in it.

The 5VIE team is multidisciplinary and, thanks to a network of consolidated contacts with the press, professional studios and companies, offers a series of services for small and large companies. We offer consultancy in communication and public relations, with a particular focus on the world of design.

We make our experience available for the realisation of projects shared with the client and tailor-made according to the objectives set.

Specifically, we offer the following services: communication and promotion consultancy, communication consultancy for the Design Week period, strategic marketing, web consultancy and development, press office, public relations.

Event Production and location search

5VIE is at the disposal of individuals and companies for the conception and production of cultural, commercial, celebratory and relational events, coordinating the mix of creative, technical and logistic aspects necessary to guarantee their success.

After years of punctual activity in the historical centre of Milan, 5VIE competently manages the aspects of a multidimensional profession such as event production: event design, audiovisual and content production, budget, negotiation and customer service.

Specifically, we offer the following services: design and production of private and corporate events, location scouting, production consultancy.

Image and graphic branding

The coordinated image is the set of visual codes (logo, colors, fonts, images, etc..) that make a company recognizable and memorable, but not only, a coordinated image is also the key to commercial positioning, because it contributes to the definition of the perceived quality of the company:

  •   image consulting we study the coordinated image best suited to the character and product of the client, through branding or re-branding operations;
  •   visual identity we adapt the image to all communication supports, from the website to the business card, from the shopper to the shop window;
  •   graphics development of graphic artifacts for the web (corporate presentations, social posts, digital invitations...) and for the press (brochures, posters, flyers, signage...).

Culture and tourism

The historic centre of Milan is an open-air museum, a living and extraordinary reality in which history, tradition and culture intertwine and are told by the territory itself.

5VIE accompanies you to discover it thanks to new and always customised routes.

Specifically, we offer the following services: creation of new cultural routes, creation of customised themed itineraries, travelling theatre shows, guided tours of exhibitions, museums and art galleries.

Photo and video service

Images are a fundamental tool to communicate one's activity and to feed with continuity the company communication. 5VIE can offer, thanks to the collaboration of professional photographers and video-makers, these services at competitive prices.
professional photo shoots - interiors, portraits, still life - with the possibility of creating ad hoc sets, both neutral and ambient;
shooting and editing video interviews, trailers, documentaries, product presentations, documentation of events and live streaming with the possibility to organize live video on the main social platforms (Facebook, YouTube) with professional audio-video quality.