Catto Design Studio

Catto Design Studio


CATTO studio, is based in Brooklyn, NY and was set up by Dutch ceramic artist, Mariette Groen.  CATTO’s style influences stem from daily life in New York, the artist’s Dutch roots and the extensive time she spent in India, Italy and London. The Japanese concept of wabi sabi also features heavily in her work.

The ceramic pieces are both hand built and wheel thrown and often combinations of both. A wide  variation of clays, glazes and kiln temperatures are used. Experimentation, fluidity of process and design are fundamental to her work.
“When I work, one thing leads to another.  My method is very organic and pieces are always unique. I don’t always know what the end result is going to look  open the kiln and there is a big surprise, I love that.”

In her ever evolving style, the artist is always trying to convey beauty, a certain airiness and possibly movement, as well as something unexpected, perhaps giving it a sense of humor.

CATTO’s pieces are not only decorative but also mostly functional.  this is a determined choice.
“When I create, I imagine the possible function of a piece, something that is cherished on a daily basis.”