Flowing Fragments

a project by Richard Yasmine

category collectible design town Beirut


A series of 16 variations of limited edition tables/stools of 42x42x42 cm along with their associated fantastic/static offcuts objects of desire, basically inspired from the universal architectural world specifically from the Greco-Roman civilization blended to the post-contemporary aesthetic philosophy and sensation.

The objects are made of different alternate slabs of sedimentary and basaltic stones assembled to recreate a single component imitating figuratively diverse types of capitals resonant from the ancient classical orders while using minimalistic yet simpler geometrical shapes and cuts each piece distinguished by its proportions and characteristic outlines and features, furthermore recognizable by a certain poetic harmony and musical rhythm. “Flowing fragments” highlights on the production waste, left overs and offcuts, harvested during the production process yet how can be turned into dramatic sculptural pieces as a way of sustainability.

Showing how opposite forces are complementary, interconnected, and interdependent moreover how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

Furthermore “Flowing fragments” transmits a communicative yet elemental message by emphasizing on our global cultural heritage, it’s an awareness to save remaining forgotten fragments of previous civilizations in addition to help protect abandoned sites while highlighting on the antiquities trafficking besides the destruction of authentic and deserted landmarks particularly nowadays when heritage is threatened by urban development.

Richard Yasmine

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