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This object was conceived as part of the Love Letters exhibition, curated by Anna Carnick of Anava Projects for 5VIE during 5VIE Design Week 2023. Who is this vessel dedicated to, and why?

This vessel is dedicated to my longtime partner, as an expression of love. It is designed to protect and honor our relationship, and I intended it to act as a symbol of our devotion to one another, giving physicality to our magical bond.

What are your main sources of inspiration? Can you share a little background story about how you came up with the idea of this vessel?

I often take inspiration from historic artifacts that I find curious, and in this case reliquaries. In Medieval times in Europe, they were used for religious purposes, and then  in Victorian times these were also used for the remembrance of a beloved person. I found it beautiful, the idea of a precious container for that which we hold most dear.

In what ways does the creation of this vessel embody your dedication to blending time-honored craft traditions with contemporary sensibilities? How do you navigate the balance between preserving craft techniques and infusing your own artistic vision?

For the creation of the piece, I worked closely with artisans experts in mouth-blown borosilicate glass. I use this material a lot for my glassware line. This type of glass is used for laboratory, thus very pure and worked in a very and precise way, with geometric shapes. For this piece, been so personal, I wanted to break that  accuracy, and explore organic forms and special details that celebrate the mark of the human hand. I believe this adds value to the piece, and increases its emotional impact.

If you could gift it to a person, who would it be?

Besides the person who inspired this piece, I would gift it to anyone who connected with the piece and understands a feeling of love so strong, that you can almost touch it and hold in this vessel.

Agustina Bottoni

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