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15.04.2024 - 21.04.2024

Rooms Studio

presents: BEDROOM

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Rooms Studio

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Rooms Studio


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rooms studio is excited to present the newest collection of six Beds at their BEDROOM exhibition during Milan Design Week.

The idea of working on BEDROOM collection was born out of a fundamental need for a new bed design—a challenge we often encounter during our interior design projects.

Each bed in this collection serves as the centerpiece of six distinct interiors, whether they reside within a private residence or a hotel. We approached the design process as if we were curating beds for a hotel or a house that is imbued with character and narrative.

Bedrooms are essential spaces in our daily lives, serving as intimate sanctuaries where we begin and end each day. They are deeply personal rooms that carry the elements of our inner worlds. The exhibition is curated with a touch of surrealism, featuring our beds arranged in a circular display in a single bedroom. This presentation evokes a sense of dreamy, surreal space —a gateway from everyday life into a place within. While the design of each bed echoes our previous collections, it also represents the start of a new direction for our body of work.