Ambrogio Carati

Artigianato - Bronzista

Via Cesare da Sesto, 1, 20123 Milano



The Carati Ambrogio workshop has been making brass and bronze furnishing accessories for four generations. Enrico founded the eponymous company in 1894, then in 1938 his sons Ernesto and Vincenzo continued the business, who in turn handed down the bronze craft to Vincenzo's son Ambrogio.
Today Ambrogio's sons are the fourth generation and work with him.

The business, which started out as a purely artisan activity, has expanded and enriched its production over the years: seals for furniture in classic Italian and French styles from the 17th to the early 20th century, creation of the most varied lighting accessories, furnishings, bathroom accessories and tapestry sets.

The wealth of experience accumulated over more than a century of activity allows us to combine the knowledge of the most traditional workmanship with modern technology. A formidable combination that enables the company to tackle the restoration of an 18th century crucifix and, with the same expertise, to clad and decorate the most up-to-date home automation interface systems.

The work and passion of the various generations of Carati has won prestigious national and international awards. All this is an incentive to continue an activity which, while in many ways it may seem anachronistic and outdated, because of its uniqueness carves out a unique space for itself in contemporary working reality.



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