Ottica San Maurilio

Shopping - Moda

Via San Maurilio, 14, 20123 Milano



In the heart of milan’s most authentic area, just a few steps away from the duomo, is located a place where tradition meets innovation. Founded in 1979, ottica san maurilio discovered creative flair and manufacturing ability in giovanna grasso and simone mazzanti (a young partner since 2009) for maximum style. In a market where prevailing uniformity of products and collections offered by designer labels determine trends, ottica san maurilio favours a completely different philosophy. Here you will find quality lenses and glasses, no designer labels but sought-after frames, handcrafted by small businesses around the world. 

They are glasses that do not follow fashion, but match the personality of the individual, with the possibility of having eyewear custom-made starting from the shape and colour to the materials; horn-rimmed, leather, wood or plastic. Glasses from ottica san maurilio show a great attention to detail in the design and the materials used. Excellence, suitable for all. The shop is a welcoming and cosy room where nothing is left to chance. Each element has its own meaning and specific functionality. 

A chest of drawers from an old print shop serves as a mobile exhibition stand for the glasses. A small cabinet, fully functional since 1920, where the glasses to be tried are displayed plus giovanna grandmother’s chairs and desk, together with the continuously lit fireplace reinforces the feeling of familiarity and “home”, encompassing anyone who enters the store.



tuesday - saturday 9.30 – 13.30, 15.30 – 19.30

+39 02 36594909