Erbert Store


Piazza S. Quasimodo, 2, 20123 Milano



In May 2018, Enrico Domenico Capoferri and the Oltre Impact Fund founded the company Eatright srl and launched the erbert project.

After months dedicated to studying the project and raising the necessary funds to get it off the ground, 2019 sees the creation of the laboratory, the creation of recipes and products and the definition and fine-tuning of erbert's health and taste promises.

In June 2020, the first erbert-branded concept store opens in Milan at Via Moscati 11, Sempione area: a food market with a kitchen that offers a wide assortment of fresh, healthy, affordable products with a focus on fruit, vegetables and ready meals in a total area of 750 square metres.

In November 2021, erbert doubles up and opens its second store: the 'ready to eat' format is born, in Via Mazzini, 22, a few steps from Piazza Duomo. Reduced dimensions for a wellness lunch break, a tasty snack or a different breakfast, comfortably seated at the long 'social table'.

In April 2022 the third point of sale opens: a Food Market with kitchen in Piazza Quasimodo, 2 inside the Vetra Building. Almost 1,000 square metres, 21 shop windows, over 2,500 references.

After the positive feedback from customers and a growing turnover, the brand's expansion does not stop, and in the coming months new openings are planned, which will always see the city of Milan as a protagonist; thanks also to the financial and operational support of Oltre Impact, the first Italian impact investing fund, which has been at the brand's side since its inception.

As many as four new openings are planned in Milan by the end of the year. The model, once consolidated, will then be exported to other metropolitan cities, thus enhancing the experience acquired and skills developed in the first years of activity.



monday - saturday 8.30 - 21.00 / sunday 9.00 - 20.00

+39 02 8355 1293