LaPalma for architects

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Via Gorani, 6, 20123 Milano



After the success of RIVIERA, the first Milanese address opened in 2019 from the collaboration with Simple Flair as a place for the design community to meet, work and share ideas, Lapalma strengthens its Milanese presence with the opening of a second space dedicated to interior designers and architects who want to customize their work with the brand's products.

A space designed and conceived by creative director Francesco Rota is born, allowing people to explore all the solutions and opportunities that the company can offer, being inspired by the products and a wall dedicated to the materials and finishes that Lapalma uses in its production.

"I imagined this space not as a showroom but rather as a sort of design laboratory," says Francesco Rota, "A Milanese address where architects can meet, offering not only hints but also detailed answers. And a magnifying glass on the Lapalma world."

In a fluid space where the Lapalma worlds (Home, Lounge, Light Office and Café) communicate with each other thanks to the layout of the spaces, there is a place for the Material Lab: a display that synthesizes the sample collection of materials-from metals to woods, from fabrics to samples of paints and lacquers-and the different finishes offered. Along with the Material Lab, there is also the Tech Lab which showcases manufacturing excellence by displaying some of the details such as the extruded aluminum frame to the die-cast junction that characterize the award-winning ADD System to the connection system or assembly finesse.