Teatro Arsenale

Cultura - Teatro

via Cesare Correnti, 11, 20123 MILANO



Located on Via Cesare Correnti between number 7 and 11, the Teatro Arsenale has been a center of artistic and theatrical initiatives since 1978. It represents a reference point for the field, being not only a container, but more of a center, and engine of imagination rather than a cog in a repetitive theatrical mechanism.

The venue is an ancient building whose foundation stone was laid in 1272. Over the centuries it has alternately served as a church, theater, college and school. Deeply steeped in history, it has a special charm that strikes anyone who enters.

The Arsenale Theater School brings together the skills of Marina Spreafico and Kuniaki Ida, both graduates of the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris in 1975, coming from different theater experiences, one in Japan, the other in Italy. From 1976 onward they have steadily combined their theatrical activities with teaching, founding the "Arsenale" School of Theater in Milan in 1978 and continuing freely in the wake of Jacques Lecoq's teaching through personal reworking of his teaching.



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