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15.04.2024 - 21.04.2024

Group exhibition

presents: Prendete e Mangiate

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"Prendete e Mangiate " ed. 2024 continues to explore the idea of the table, the act that symbolises dialogue, sharing, relationships and human connections. In this edition, we decided to focus precisely on the title of the exhibition, on the act itself through a selection of objects that enable the act.

The objects chosen, selected, sometimes to be interpreted at the centre of the exhibition: primordial objects, first contact with food that becomes the energy that the body transforms. 

The choice of the works, of the objects that will be part of this multi-artist exhibition, is not a choice dictated by the simple canons of decoration, because objects are not inanimate, everything is unique and precious. The exhibition becomes the space for each artist and the space for the exhibition. 

The ambition is for an exhibition created, together with the artists, with a mélange of ready-made objects and objet trouvè. Objects that become works of art by choice and at the same time imbued with an aesthetic charge. The common thread is this in an alchemic arrangement. Almost an exhibition inspired by a modern Dadaism.

In this temporary composition we mix objects together, pair them, stack them, hang them, find the right place for each of them: a concert of new objects/works, created from nothing but with references to the antique or ancient materials, as if it were their second life.

We stratify meanings that arise from the interpretation of the object itself.

The desire is to give each individual object the power to express the presence of the person who made them: this is the exhibition style.

So presenting objects by creating a relationship between them. Interesting because the mélange is between folk objects, in the sense of the word, art objects and craft objects. Almost like a journey in search of the object with a function, though. And the search is really to be able to make sense of the exhibition by focusing on kitchen utensils, reinterpreted, created with different and unusual materials perhaps.

Claude Levi-Strauss: "Objects are what count. Only they can bring proof that, over the centuries, something has really happened between human beings'. This is the spirit. We do not act with the spirit of the collector, we act to establish a connection between one object and another. As if to form a whole with all its natural diversity within it.  We tend towards the creation of a deep harmonic relationship.

The ambitious project is to be able to create an itinerary of relationships through the exhibition of artists who have interpreted a utensil, a plate, a glass, a tray. Almost as if to create a stage that showcases the variety of interpretations on a single theme, hence on a function.

Four fundamental elements: research of the object, object, relationship between objects and staging according to the relationship between people. 

Among the artists present are works by Arianna De Luca, Casa Remedios, Daria Dazzan, Haley Bates, MA! Studio, Nella Figueroa, Ron Arad, Vittorio Passaro.