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15.04.2024 - 21.04.2024


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Nature and its vital force have always been an inspiration for Madì, a Ligurian artist and designer who this year is participating again in Fuorisalone as part of Milan Design Week, from 16 to 21 April 2024. In her artworks animals are protagonists. With their load of symbolic value and evocative power, they emerge sensorially from furniture and accessories of refined visual impact.


Design is therefore conceived as an expression of the harmony between nature and humanity which draws renewing energy from it. Madì's works are the emblem of a thought that inserts the artistic act into a sustainable and more conscious project. An approach that fits perfectly with the theme of the Fuorisalone 2024, "Materia Natura", which also underlines the possibilities of transformation and creative renewal. In fact, Madì's creations are born from the recovery of old abandoned furniture, restored and transformed into unique pieces thanks to hand-made decorations using artisanal techniques.


During Fuorisalone, two pieces from the "Fuoco" series will be exhibited at Palazzo Litta as part of the digital display and installation created by the artist designer Angela Florio. The collection is characterized by a decoration, on the external support surface, composed of a hand-decorated brass sheet and two mirror-image dragons made of tin. The feet of the two furnishings are made of brass wire with a front decoration of dragon paws. It is impossible not to associate the image of flames coming out of its mouth with this mythological animal. After the collaboration with Madì last year, in 2024 - precisely in the year of the Dragon, which, according to the Chinese horoscope, is a harbinger of changes, opportunities and prosperity - Angela Florio explodes in her installation the purifying energy, which renew and transform. The protagonists are “Fuoco 1”, born from recycled wooden cabinet whose central shelf was hand-coated with brass and “Fuoco 2”, (viewable at Lo Studio in via San Maurilio 11, Milan) originally a three-door bar cabinet from the 1950s. Both pieces are finished in matte gray lacquer.

Furthermore, Madì's work "Africa" is present at "Lo Studio" in via San Maurilio 11, within the "Metropolitan Jungle" project by Angela Florio.


Her philosophy is contained in the Italian word OT-TONE (BRASS):

- OT as Off Topic, unconventional and outside the box. Flamingos, parrots but also insects, small rodents and even dinosaurs, thanks to the harmony of shapes and Madì's aesthetic taste, become protagonists of refined and original pieces of art.

- TONE as color - the bright ones of resins and glossy lacquers - but also timbre, the sound of instinct to listen to and follow.

- OT-TONE (“brass”) as the material of choice for Madì's productions. Brass is a shiny and reflective metal, ductile and malleable but stainless and irreplaceable. It is present in the form of sheets worked and inserted according to ancient techniques or through details such as knobs, keys and curious three-dimensional decorations.