06.10.2023 - 01.05.2024

"AFP – Art For Profile" Launch event and presentation of #mirrors 5VIE NFTs collection

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Spazio BIG Santa Marta

Via Santa Marta, 10


6.30 pm - 8.30 pm CET

A unique opportunity to discover the frontiers of neuroscience applied to the artistic experience, through the presentation of the first "collectable NFT" 5VIE collection co-created by humans and generative artificial intelligence in a 3D video minted in blockchain. 5VIE is pleased to invite you to the launch event of the #mirrors collection, a collection dedicated to its community of artists, designers and creatives in general. The curator of the project Sebastiano Deva (Digital Artist) and the sound designer of the soundtrack associated with NFT Pier Paolo Polcari (Almamegretta) will be present. Together they will illustrate the innovative process of mapping and processing biometric data on which the collection is based.

A creative process that mainly aims to enhance human potential through the use of technology involving the person ab origine, with his instant biometric parameters, when he experiences a work of art. A "hybrid model" that aims to propose new paradigms of collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence, highlighting the human factor as the source of the experience itself and returning a representation of the performance of our cognitive unconscious. The contemplation of a work of art is an area of great interest for neuroscience. In the space between individual and image, an enormous amount of data is generated in a few tenths of a second. In this space, between art object and observer, our level of attention (emotional arousal) prepares the advent of emotions. The experience of art thus becomes the place of our emotional awareness.

The event is dedicated to lovers of digital collectables, artists, designers, creatives and intellectuals interested in the new frontiers of art and, of course, to all fans of new technologies. During the event will be illustrated: 1) The creative process; 2) innovation characteristics; 3) technologies used; 4) How to participate in the collection and the community 5) Specific aspects of publishing (platforms and timing).

The project conceived by Sebastiano Deva is produced and presented by 5VIE Network; Technology Partners: Innereo, IGS, Riccardo Russo; NFTs Platform:

Free admission subject to availability.

A Discord server will also be opened where you can ask for more detailed information.

Sebastiano Deva, Born in Naples, Italy. Techno Humanist, director, indipendent artist, digital enterpreuner. Graduated in Philosophy with specialized studies in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Language, journalist and collaborator of the daily newspaper Roma e la Repubblica from 1996 to 1999, from 2001 to 2013 he dealt theater and contemporary art projects, on various institutions and museums efforts in Italy, Spain, France, Poland (Stary theater, Teatro di Roma, Biennale of Venice, Teatro di Napoli, Museo Madre, Palazzo delle arti di Napoli, etc...). From 2013 innovative start-up founder, one of the italian first artist active in the field of technological innovation for art experience, which until 2019 he processed creative solutions and digital emotional platforms for Art experience and for the enhancement of Knowledge in the museum field : Museum Uffizi Florence, Giorgio Armani Silos, Arte Cinema festival, Giffoni international film Festival, Urbino Ducale Palace, Circo Massimo Experience, Musei Civici of Venice, Rai Cinema, and public istitutions as Rome, Florence, Turin, Palermo Municipalities. He produced and directed 6 virtual reality films : Nuragica 2016, 4 Visioni dell’Aldilà Hyeronimous Bosch, Caravaggio’s dream 2017, Circo Maximo Vr film 2018, L’incendio del castello 2019, Il Giorno della Paura 2021. And about the fields of A.I, Emotional Patterns, and music platform he founded “deepsound”, an artificial intelligence tool based on human data resonance for art experience for mindfullness .