26.05.2023 - 18.06.2023

On Land / On Light

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Spazio BIG Santa Marta

Via Santa Marta, 10


10:00 - 18:00

Massari and Rocchi both sculptors, both professors of sculpture belong by right to the tradition of marble working of which they know all the classical methods.

Precisely because of this, men and sculptors of today overcome the monumentality and sacredness of marble for an intimate journey

Wrote Leibniz in "New Essays on the Human Intellect," "If the soul resembled an empty tablet, truths would be in us like the figure of Hercules in a block of marble, when the marble is quite indifferent to receive this figure or another. But if there were veins in the block that marked the figure of Hercules in preference to other figures, this block would be more disposed to receive it, and Hercules would in a certain way be innate to it, however much work would be required to uncover these veins and to bring them out by polishing, removing what prevents them from showing themselves. It is thus that truths are innate in us, in the same way as natural inclinations, dispositions, habits or virtues."