events 5VIE D'N'A 2021 digital


12.04.2021 - 18.04.2021

Present Continuous


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digital event

Nèo Design Italiano is a curatorial project founded at the end of 2018 from an original idea by Giuseppe Arezzi, Sara Bizzocchi, Elisabetta Boi and Teo Sandigliano.

"In an ever-changing international context, there is a new generation of Italian designers who represent the real novelty in the world of design, capable of adapting to the ever-changing conditions of the market and of the project. Each of them has their own language and pursues their own personal research, amidst the difficulties of every day."

Neo's critical objective is to bring to light the novelties of Italian Design and, at the same time, toopen a discussion on a discipline that is changing dramatically.

Nèo Design Italiano is glad to present Present Continuous, the newselection curated for 5vie district. The digital exhibition will see the participation of a part of the members ofNèo.

The curatorial project aims to focus on the contemporaneity of the languagesused by the authors and the studios, that in this case reinterpret materials, traditions and archetypes, each one in an original and personal method.

The designers involved in this exhibition are: Giuseppe Arezzi, Matteo Di Ciommo, MAIS Project (Matteo Mariani, Isato Prugger), Isato Prugger, Andrea Sebastianelli, Giulia Soldati, Tipstudio (Tommaso Lucarini, Imma Matera). The original group is also composed of: Beatrice Bianchet, Sara Bizzocchi, Elisabetta Boi, Caracol (Giovanni Avallone, Paolo Cassis), Andrea de Chirico, Alessio D’Ellena, Teo Sandigliano, Alain Zanchetta.


Tramoggia, Giuseppe Arezzi . Edit by  It’s Great Design. 2020

Giuseppe Arezzi with his clean, rigorous and essential approach towards shapes revisits in a contemporary key the chest, making his Tramoggia in 1.5 mm thick painted steel sheet. Tramoggia represents a new way of reading this piece of furniture that changes its aesthetic characteristics while preserving its functional capability. Available in two versions, Tramoggia opens a discussion on the concept of multifunctional object and its role in the organization of the living space, a space that has become increasingly more fluid.

Text by Sara Bizzocchi | Ph. Melissa Carnemolla

Specchi all’ora della Luna, Matteo Di Ciommo. 2020

In "Specchi all’ora della Luna", Matteo Di Ciommo tells the story of refined mirror installations, unique pieces handcrafted in solid wood and inspired by the beauty of the Moon. This project is an attempt to go beyond the function of objects, it is an invitation to experience a stronger sense of wonder towards what we take for granted. It is precisely this unique approach to design that leads Di Ciommo to think about the status of a design piece and of an artwork, placing himself right in the middle of these two.

Text by Sara Bizzocchi



BicèBio, MAIS Project. 2020

Some products are fascinating for what they don'tsay. They hide stories that very often, if shared, makes us appreciate even more what we see. BicèBio is one of these projects: designed by the duo MAIS Project (Matteo Mariani and Isato Prugger), it’s not a glass, it would be too easy. BicèBio is a statement. Through the use of a particular plant-based bioplastic, at the end of its life cycle this product can return to the earth as compost. Not just an aesthetically pleasant design, but an intelligent one.

Text by Teo Sandigliano

Studio Lamp, Isato Prugger, 2021

The table lamp ‘Studio Lamp’ appears in its total wood essence as a luminous monolith, whose shapes have been extrapolated from the accomplished skills of the product designer Isato Prugger. A project born from the intent to sculpt the forms of stability, firmness, stoic and silent, emphasizing the texture of wood, one of the living materials par excellence. Studio Lamp fully represents the design approach of Isato, which aims at a research of analog and human shapes.

Text by Elisabetta Boi | Ph. Tomaso Carbone


Piume Vellutate, Andrea Sebastianelli. 2019

Through historical research in the archives of museums in Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal and Sweden, Andrea realizes how the velvet collections are a document of the period from the 15th to the 20th century. - from craftsmanship to industry. With his systemic approach, he retraces our history with the use of velvet decorations and embroideries. The result of the project is the reinterpretation of these languages through modern processes, such as laser cutting, and aesthetics.

Text by Teo Sandigliano | Ph. Stefania Zanetti


Transizioni, Giulia Soldati. 2019/2020

Transizioni is a timeless collection that not only leads us to explore food in a different way, but also suspends us in the act of eating. These tools are the result of a daily research into the preparation and consumption of food and, like other products by Giulia, they make us think about our relationship and contact with the ingredients. Transizioni challenges the conventional way in which we consume food to let us explore new gestures and forgotten rituals.

Text by Teo Sandigliano

Secondo Fuoco, Tip Studio, 2021

What are the souls of matter? This was the starting point of the project Secondo Fuoco, the Florentine duo Tip Studio, composed by Imma Matera and Tommaso Lucarini, whose design research investigates the needs of humans and his relationship with objects. Secondo Fuoco' comes from the investigation of the reuse processes of metal waste, specifically the slag that combined with bronze, they generate a collection of new objects whose material surface tells the link between the rocky spontaneity of impurity and the structural fluidity of bronze, telling  a story between the past and the future.

Text by Elisabetta Boi | Ph. Nicolò Panzeri