BigApple Design

BigApple Design


BigApple Design is a space dedicated to design, design research and styling born in 2014 from the creativity of Melissa Tambelli in the heart of the 5Vie district.

The project is at the center of the world of BigApple Design and Melissa Tambelli's style lives in all the interventions she signs.

Throughout the process the client is supported by a creative team that establishes a constant dialogue to give life to his visions making them reality: from the styling of the preferred corner to the support on an architectural scale.

Each object that becomes part of Melissa's selection is the result of the constant search for uniqueness: this gives body to the aesthetics of BigApple Design.

The meticulous selection brings to BigApple Design's showcase projects by young designers alongside established brands, and this is how Melissa bets on the talent of new faces of contemporary design, highlighting them in a special corner of Milan.

Particular attention is also paid to the choice of materials with a strong inclination to the principles of sustainability.



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