Palazzo Litta

Cultura - Architettura

Corso Magenta, 24, 20123 Milano


It can be considered as one of the most representative (and well preserved) examples of Lombard Baroque style that spreads in Milan around the second decade of the eighteenth century. Characterized not only for the elegant facade facing Corso Magenta, but also for the sumptuous portal enriched by the imposing telamons, the solemn grand staircase, the decorations of the noble apartment, the system of internal courtyards and the garden that opens into Foro Bonaparte. 

The seventeenth-century original nucleus is conserved, in addition to the general plan of the noble part of the complex, the vast courtyard, which is an elegant space with architrave with paired Doric columns and cruciform pillars at the corners, which, in its elegant classicism, is one of the most fine examples of the seventeenth-century  courtyard in Milan. Above the simple architrave rise two floors, the first noble with large windows with curved gables and alternating triangles, the second with small square windows.



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