servizi e studi professionali - progettazione del verde

Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 20, 20123 Milano



Since 1990, Fara Marabelli and Antonella Ambrosini have been passionately and enthusiastically designing gardens and green corners. In Via Gian Giacomo Mora 20, with a nursery-studio full of orchids, succulents and specimens, and a cafeteria corner.

Fara Marabelli is an architect-gardener and has been involved in green design since 1990. She designs gardens, creates them, and takes care of plant health and proper watering. She enjoys personally overseeing gardens and terraces, but especially teaching how to care for and manage them throughout the seasons.

Antonella Ambrosini is a Flower designer and gardener, she looks for the most unusual plants suitable for our climate, she likes the shapes of the plants and the colors of the leaves. Creating a garden for her is like painting a picture, everything must be harmonious and work at the same time. But what matters most in creating her gardens is that they convey emotion and the love she has for plants.



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