Deodato Arte

Gallerie - Arte

Via Nerino, 1, 20123 Milano



Deodato Arte's headquarters on Via Nerino 1 is organized to manage the sale of artworks as well as liaison with visitors and stakeholders. In fact, the purposes of this location are transit and storage of works of art, and B2B relations in the offices on the upper floor. The main feature of the headquarters at Via Nerino 1, however, is its designation as an exhibition venue: thanks to its large windows, the floor illuminated by natural light provides the ideal space for exhibitions by both famous and emerging artists. This sharpness reflects the guiding value of Deodato Arte's philosophy: transparency is the key concept that grounds the gallery's entire business, which rejects exclusivity, and puts art in contact with anyone who passes in front of it. In addition, this venue located in a strategic spot: a five-minute walk from the Duomo subway station, via Nerino is a small neighborhood nestled in one of the most historic and fascinating areas of the city. The Gallery at Via Nerino 1 has hosted numerous exhibitions and temporary shows by world-famous artists, including Mr. Brainwash's "Milan Is Beautiful," Jeff Koons' "Balloons Animals and more," and Mr. Savethewall's "International Language."



monday - saturday 10.30 - 14.00, 15.00 - 19.00

+39 0280886294