Barnadesia di Migc

servizi e studi professionali - Arte, illustrazione

Via Brisa, 15, 20123 Milano



Barnadesia di Migc (María Inés Gómez Carrillo) was born in Bogotá in the early 80s, one of the most chaotic periods of the city, when the drug trade was flourishing, and violence and turmoil started governing most neighbourhoods. Despite the unrest across Colombia, her early years were filled with art and literature. She is the daughter of intellectual parents, both from historic families, and with liberal viewpoints.

As a teenager she moved to the United States, and later to Milan to study Design at NABA. After completing her studies she left Europe, and lived in the Middle East for almost a decade before returning to Italy. This rich multicultural background clearly defined her unorthodox worldview, approach to life, and the arts.

Her own creative journey started after working for Christian Dior. She began by designing a set of self-produced collectible furniture pieces, and now her work expands to include illustration and multidisciplinary projects within the visual arts.

Her work is based on researching and experimenting, and is enriched by the cross-contamination between fields. She creates pieces that are an amalgam of contrasting materials and concepts, in which the modernist approach to design -based on functionality and purpose- is taken over by a deep interest in the emotional and sensory aspects.

Her studio is located in the historical heart of Milan, in the 5 Vie Arts and Design District.



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