Studio IB Milano

servizi e studi professionali - Design

Via Medici, 15, 20123 Milano



Studio IB Milano is founded and created by the designer Ina Borisova. Leaning on transversal competence results of her previous studies in the product engineering field and after that in the interior design at the well known Politecnico di Milano, allows her to create, design & produce unique design pieces.

After being part of the Azerbaijan & American pavilion project of EXPO Milan 2015 she started her collaboration with two famous Milan studios.Her craving to create uniqueness, innovation, and new concept of minimalism based on the use of unique materials, driven her In 2019 to launch her collection of exclusive tailored made furniture.

Inspired by the beauty, the magnificent achieved with the simplicity of pure geometric lines combined with the virtuoso use of materials that have always characterized the Italian architecture, arise the perfection of furniture luxury and simply unique. Furniture made exclusively with the finest marble, wood, metals, textures that the made in Italy could offer. Carefully selected for an experience without comparison.

In the comfort of your home, in the halls of a hotel, wherever is positioned one of our products you could experience the uniqueness, the eternity and quality of the best made in Italy.



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