Istituto Buon Pastore


Via San Vittore, 29, 20123 Milano



Love for human beings guides our commitment to educating and instructing.

The Good Shepherd Institute Foundation has at its core two educational realities: the peer elementary school and the communities for minors. In both of them, professionals in the Psycho-pedagogical and Social Sciences work to ensure that girls and boys, girls and boys have adequate, current and competent responses to their needs.

We have built our history day by day, placing attention to social needs at the center of our interventions.

Since 1848, we have been a beating heart in the center of Milan, a city whose evolution we have always shared, first by welcoming girls in difficulty in order to include them in the world of work, then by the side of the institutions in charge of the protection of the "youngest" in order to offer the territory a dynamic and modern school education where interpersonal relationships between educators, teachers and minors are inspired by the family model.



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