Via San Maurilio, 13 , 20123 Milano



Fimelato is a bespoke tailoring brand for men with home service.
Our goal is to spread the male tailoring tradition through digital innovation. Our customers can immediately have a travel tailor who is always ready to reach the customer who wants to make a tailor-made garment at home. Thanks to this method, customer saves time and effort without leaving the line and quality of the handmade Italy product.
In 2021 Fimelato inaugurated his first showroom in via San Maurilio 13 in Milan, to respond even better to the needs of our passionate customers with a spin-off project called “Maurilio Luxury Edition”. So, customers can touch our selection of fine fabrics, take inspiration and wear the tailored models already made, discover all the details with which they can give personality to the clothes, as well as they can appreciate the result they will get from the commission of a suit on measure. Showroom doors' are open to anyone interested in "handmade" tailoring for men, with deep conviction that good dress is not just a matter of image but a philosophy of life.
Showroom in via San Maurilio 13 is also a place to exchange opinions, debate, attend to events and exhibitions. It's not a classic showroom, but a meeting and exchange place for all those people who believe in good taste, elegance and beauty of Made in Italy.



tuesday - saturday 10:00 - 14:00, 15:00 - 19:00

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