Assimpredil ANCE

servizi e studi professionali 

Via San Maurilio, 21, 20123 Milano



Assimprendil Ance is the Association of Construction Companies in Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza. The territorial reality of ANCE (National Association) that represents construction companies in the Confindustria world.

Its members are small, medium and large enterprises operating in the urban regeneration sector, in housing, commercial, tertiary and production construction, in land safety and in the construction of infrastructures and public works.

Its action is aimed at the growth of the sector and assistance in all matters relating to business management. An association that has become a reference point for development policies in the territorial contexts in which companies have been operating since 1945.

The headquarters in Via San Maurilio 21, right in the centre of our district, has a modern conference centre with spaces dedicated to events and conferences equipped with the most modern digital services for webinars and videoconference.



monday - friday 8.30-20.00

+39 02 8812951