Archivio Nanda Vigo

Cultura - Design

Via Gorani, 8, 20123 Milano



The Nanda Vigo Archive, founded by the artist herself in 2013, continues to promote and protect the artist's sixty years of work, which in recent years had already given visibility to her lively career, with important exhibitions all over the world.
Nanda Vigo has taken an interdisciplinary approach to art, design, architecture and the environment, working on numerous projects as an architect, designer and artist.
What has distinguished her lively career is her attention and research into art, which has led her to collaborate with the most significant figures of our time and to undertake projects aimed at enhancing art, such as the exhibition 'ITALIAN ZERO & Avantgarde 60's' at the Multimedia Art Museum Moscow in Russia and 'Zero Avantgarde 1965/2013' at the Galleria Christian Stein in Milan.



+39 02 84143869