Isabella Accenti

Artigianato - Arte, Opere su carta

Via Lesmi, 20123 Milano



In September 2022 Isabella Accenti is selected as a finalist in the AMEDEO MODIGLIANI FOUNDATION PRIZE (photography section).

In September 2021 she is named among 800 semifinalist participants at the PREMIO ARTE 2021 - Cairo Editore.

In 2019 she is selected among the "new proposals" of the MIA Photo Fair in Milan, winning ex aequo the 1st PREMIO ROSSANA ORLANDI. 

In the same year she is nominated among 150 participants in Fotofever's EBERHARD PRIZE - at PARIS Photo, in Paris.  

"With "her" Timelessart Isabella Accenti succeeds in extrapolating from the past the memory of a face or a person to bring it back to life and make it immortal, so that it can cross the boundaries of time. The past, in her "handmade" images, emerges fused and amalgamated with geometric and dynamic decompositions of lines and surfaces, colors and planes, which make her works vibrant and vital.  The artist starts with photographs related to past eras or family memories, and then merges them with other images, lines and shapes, which refer freely to Art Deco, Cubism and Futurism. Such games of superimpositions, compositions and decompositions, are later enriched thanks to a complex manual phase where the image is reworked, transferred and fixed on a fine cotton paper, with a long process that makes it a unique piece, not reproducible."

By Gigliola Foschi ( art and photography critic )



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