Riviera - Creative Space

Cultura - Design

Via Gorani, 4, 20123 Milano



riviera is born from an idea of simple flair, with the support of lapalma. It is a new destination in the heart of Milan. More than a place, it is a brand, a container of projects, activities and a reference point for the city's creative scene.

riviera is the space dedicated to the local as well as global community of creatives; an informal place, devoted to all things unspectacular, stimulating and light. It blends Italian and international approaches, where design and lifestyle find a meeting point.

riviera conceives simplicity as a point of arrival: in relationships, in the mechanisms of sharing and building collaborations; it was born with a collaborative approach, it welcomes and hosts a work space that does not want to be canonical, where to meet sitting on a couch or around a table to share ideas and a coffee, animated daily but also with a cycle of appointments between exhibitions, talks, events, workshops, pop up spaces.

riviera is a meeting point for creatives with different backgrounds, from design to fashion, from art to photography, with an ever-growing network of people, and a meeting place for pioneers from different fields. Design cannot live in isolation, it needs continuous exchanges, and this wants to be the place to make these encounters happen, with collaborations that also go beyond the limits of our field and give new fuel to design thinking.

riviera is a brand born from the idea that it can become a nomadic concept, moving and evolving, not tied to a constant physical address, but travelling to different places over time, following the culture of digital, collaborative, contemporary work.

riviera wants to be a place with a strong identity, linked to the aesthetics and vision that simple flair has been promoting since 2010, always remaining open to new suggestions, new ideas, brought in by the creatives who will animate it. 



monday - friday 10.00 - 18.00