Casa di Giuseppe Verdi


Via Cesare Correnti, 15, 20123 Milano


In this house - located in what was then known as Contrada San Simone 3072 - Giuseppe Verdi lived in the years 1839 to 1840 with his wife Margherita Barezzi and their young son Icilio, who unfortunately both died within a few months of each other.
The Maestro, a young musician who was much appreciated but not yet established as a composer, heartbroken over his family losses and embittered by the failure of his opera 'Un giorno di regno', meditated on not composing any more. His intention was fortunately not fulfilled, and in 1842 the Maestro triumphed at La Scala with Nabucco, thus beginning a luminous career full of immense masterpieces.
In 2015, in memory of that stay, the City of Milan placed a commemorative marble plaque next to the entrance portal.