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Corso Magenta, 22, 20123 Milano



For more than 65 years, here you could "taste" the creations of great authors of Artistic Perfumery in an ideal and quiet atmosphere, to choose what best suits your personality.

Our passion for beautiful Auteur fragrances was born in the 1940s, the best products of London barbers, exclusive toiletry and for the timeless emotions they can give. A world of creativity, of rare brands, products and perfumes that you can't find in mass distribution, as well as intriguing stories, be them centuries old or very recent, always full of original, curious and engaging insights.

We put "emphasis on perfume," we make you "listen" to perfumes, so that they are chosen and loved for what they communicate to us, with our eyes closed and our minds free, regardless of their external image, their containers, their brands. Perfumes with a strong personality that can become the discreet ambassadors of the style of the people who wear them. Fragrances that are the result of a creative vein not subservient to marketing, capable of maintaining their beauty and evocative power unchanged over time, regardless of their age, proving to be, like works of art, indifferent to fashions and trends.



monday 15.00 - 19.30 / tuesday - saturday 10.30-19.30

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