Gilda Contemporary Art

Gallerie - Arte

Via San Maurilio, 14, 20123 Milano



Gilda is a creature that was born in the heart of Milan, in Via San Maurilio, in March 2017. Some might call it a gallery, but Gilda is much more than that.

It has its own soul and history, like all living beings. Gilda is a space for contemporary art, but many things happen there: book presentations, happenings, meetings, workshops, video art reviews and much more.
Here, art is mixed with fashion, design, photography, literature, love and respect for nature. Gilda is a way of experiencing contemporary art, a hybrid of tradition and modernity. It is energy that pervades all art forms, without setting limits or boundaries. The guest artists embrace the philosophy of this place, they experiment, they find in Gilda a welcoming, sustainable home, they establish strong connections with the spaces. The theme of nature, spirituality, identity and memory is always present. All of Gilda's exhibitions follow and are in harmony with the seasons and the events happening in the city.

Each event is not only planned, but also internalised and lived in full: they are special moments in which, through creativity, beauty in all its forms is celebrated.



TUE-FRI 10.30/19.00; SAT 10.30/13.00

+39 351 6952012 / +39 02 36559254