Casa dello Zecchiere


Via del Bollo, 3, 20123 Milano



These spaces are part of buildings once connected to the Milan Zecca, which minted coins as far back as the Sforza era. The underground wall structures date back to the second half of the 15th century; details of the frescoes found in the upper rooms allow us to date the building around the first quarter of the 16th century.
The building, also mentioned by Vasari, belonged to the Scaccabarozzi family, Luigi father and Bernardo son, who held the position of Zecchiere from 1488 to 1562. The Milan Zecca, demolished in 1780, was adjacent to these spaces. In the late 18th century, the building was incorporated into the building structures that surround it today. During the 1800s and 1900s, the use of these spaces became less noble, and laboratories, warehouses and cellars were housed here, where a water cistern was also built, which was removed with the restoration.
In 2012, with the approval of the Superintendence, the property decided to restore these buildings and the work was completed in 2015. During the excavations, several pottery shards and two worked stones of Roman origin were found, which are visible on site.
The Casa dello Zecchiere is private property and cannot usually be visited. 



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