SIAM 1838

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Via Santa Marta, 18, 20123 Milano



The Society for the Encouragement of Arts and Crafts (SIAM), a nonprofit moral entity that has been operating in Milan for more than 175 years, is involved in training and promoting useful professions, actively striving to address the needs of the labor market and offering concrete answers to the professional needs of the productive world, while simultaneously fostering the professional growth of individuals and the technological development of industry.

This vision traditionally characterizes the activity of the Society, which over the years has delivered outstanding training projects capable of guaranteeing learners concrete professional outlets.

SIAM has always embraced a vocation for technology and innovation, recognizing their impact on the development of new "Arts and Crafts" and the opening of new markets that require highly specialized professional figures. SIAM, an entity accredited with the Lombardy Region for the provision of vocational training courses and orientation activities, in fact plays a primary role in the Professional Technical Poles in the field of information technology and digital innovation by training and accompanying to work young technicians with specializations not contemplated in the Italian education system; in the ICT field, SIAM has also distinguished itself over the years for its commitment to the popularization of open source software, activating initiatives of international scope to raise awareness of the community and public administrations in the use of free software.

The Society has also always been involved in art and culture, collaborating with prestigious entities in the area such as Museums, Art Academies, Foundations and Associations. The new frontiers of technology not only make it possible to intercept new professional profiles capable of successfully positioning themselves among the existing ones, but also to carry out a targeted restyling of all those traditional professions that represent Italian cultural baggage, know-how and excellence. SIAM, in fact, protects with commitment the Italian craftsmanship by proposing viable and innovative solutions to offer new value to still useful professionalism that should not be dispersed. Also significant is the impact of some projects for the retraining and re-employment of socially disadvantaged individuals, guests of rehabilitation or detention facilities.

The Society continues to generate ideas to give impetus to the territory and does not stop offering its continuous contribution to that revolutionary idea of progress, always evolving, that had animated the founders and continues today to inhabit the building on Via Santa Marta.



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