Piazza degli Affari - L.O.V.E.


Piazza degli Affari, 20123 Milano


Also called Piazza Affari, this square is one of the most important squares of Milan and it is just a few steps from Piazza Cordusio and Piazza Duomo.

This square is a symbol of Milan’s business activities and of Italian finance. Actually, on January 16, 1808, the Borsa di Milano (Milan Stock Exchange), the national financial market headquarter, was established there.

Its ancient origins date back to the 3rd century A.C., when Maximian, a Roman Emperor, built his Palace and the neighboring Circus. As a matter of facts, Borsa di Milano was build on the Roman Imperial Palace ruins.

The present appearance of the square dates back to the 20th century, when the two majestic buildings overlooking the square were built: the first one was finished in 1932, it was designed by Architect Paolo Mezzanotte and it hosted the Milan Stock Exchange; the second one, designed by Emilio Lancia, was built in 1939 and it features sculptures by Giuseppe Maretto.

In 2010 the Cattelan sculpture titled L.O.V.E, Libertà (freedom), Odio (hatred), Vendetta (revenge), Eternità (eternity) was positioned at the center of the square.

The sculpture is made of Carrara marble and it is 11 m high, with 4,60 m representing the hand, and it is also considered to be a symbol of protest against the financial world represented by the Stock Exchange.