Elena Boffi

Artigianato - Gioielli

Via Santa Marta, 13, 20123 Milano


Elena Boffi, a true Milanese, was born and raised in a family of artisans who for three generations, experts in the processing of leather, have designed and made luxury accessories. Elena, however, fell in love with precious stones and materials, and graduated from the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in goldsmithing, wax modelling and fire enamelling and began making jewellery in silver and bronze.
Original, sober, elegant jewellery in which she chains semi-precious stones in necklaces and earrings using the ancient rosary technique.

Her creations with stones and silver become jewels marked by poetry and refinement, while those in bronze and silver are almost contemporary sculptures, worked with the lost wax technique. Each piece of jewellery is a unique and entirely handmade creation.



by appointment

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