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Arjumand's travels begin in Agra, India. It was in Agra that Arjumand rediscovered and imagined her first decorative idea: the Imperial collection, printed on fabric and wallpaper.

The decorative motifs of Moghol and Ottoman inspiration are the result of what the Princess Arjumand is, Persian by origin, Moghol by adoption. The Taj Mahal, a mausoleum erected in memory of Arjumand, bears witness to this.

From Agra, Arjumand will set off across great Asia to discover countries and peoples. Russia, where Arjumand finds inspiration from old fabrics created in Genoa in the 17th century for the Russian court.

Japan, an island where Arjumand finds ancient fabrics dyed with indigo blue, the result of the passion experimented in the 19th century for the colour Indigo through plants such as Polygonium tinctorium from which the pigment that originates the colour blue is derived, a sophisticated blue, on which much experimentation was carried out in Japan at the time.

The South-East China, the Miao population, where she finds entirely embroidered local folk clothing, the inspiration for the China collection. Stripes, squares, curls, dancing flowers.

The Arab countries, where Arjumand rediscovers the decorative motif in its most absolute sense: the geometry and hypnotic repeat of an iconoclastic world.

The Balkan peninsula, and consequently and interconnectedly Greece and the Turkish coast, embroideries representing what the women's eye sees and the hand embroiders, testimonies of flowers and stylised nature, ancient yet contemporary at the same time.

Welcome to the imaginary world of Arjumand.



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