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During Design Week 2023, you exhibited in the inner courtyard of the Palazzo di Via Cesare Correnti two types of seats, which take up the classical forms of an imaginary that greatly fascinated visitors, can you explain what gave rise to this vision?

Telami was born from the desire to revive a forgotten imaginary. It all started with the Tripolina chair. We come from backgrounds where architecture and design have always been experienced in everyday life, and we knew the Tripolina for a long time, because it has always been present in our homes. We realized that such simple and ingenious chairs really appealed to everyone, not just to us. Our vision was to revive a myth, with all the charm it evokes in people's memories. The Regista chairs, with their anonymous yet familiar design, were the natural evolution of the line. The cornerstone of our language, which identifies all Telami products, is the combination of a folding wooden frame and customizable fabric. A few simple, quality ingredients-the secret to the best recipes.

What is the story behind the Telami company? What are the values that drive your company? What is your connection to made in Italy?

Telami was born out of the insight that the potential of products such as Tripolina and Regista is enormous in contemporary homes, because of the ability to fold in an instant, going to take up very little space. The same feature that makes them relatively easy to ship to customers around the world. So we launched the brand by entering into an exclusive agreement with the company that still kept equipment and jigs to produce Tripolines from the 1960s, thus reviving a long-forgotten production.

We strongly believe in the artisanal value of our product, which is why we decided to invest in the historic artisans, keeping all production in Italy. In addition to the Tripolina and the Regista, over the years the line has been enriched with various items, such as stools, high and low chairs, umbrellas and soon the deck chair. All strictly made in Italy.

For Design Week, you created reinterpreted classic seating that echoes the message 5VIE wanted to send out, which is to place a new vision on human relationships. How do you think this vision can be interpreted within your company?

At the heart of 5VIE's message, which we espoused for Design Week, is a concept that was already in our hearts since the founding of Telami: to bring ethics and aesthetics together. We think that today the most ethical way to produce any object is to aim for quality, so that it can last as long as possible. A product made well, if it is also functional and aesthetically satisfying, succeeds in achieving that perfect combination of the beautiful and the good, which is the highest goal we can achieve, and is what makes people feel good when they use an object. That is why all our products come from research into archetypes, and are then made in the context of productions where things are still made by hand.


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