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Gilda Contemporary Art

Via San Maurilio, 14


Monday - Friday, 8.20 - 13.00, 14.30 - 16.30

In the prestigious headquarters of the Banca di Asti in Via Manzoni in Milan, a few steps away from the La Scala theatre and Palazzo Marino, as well as the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, a contemporary art exhibition curated by Cristina Gilda Artese has been taking place since 2019. "Gilda's wall_Art for value" is a project born from the close collaboration between the Milan office of the Banca di Asti, located inside a magnificent historical building, and the contemporary art gallery Gilda Contemporary Art, of which Cristina Gilda Artese is art director. During the renovation of its historical headquarters, the Bank of Asti decided to allocate a 13-metre wall, suitably equipped, for the display of works of art, in order to allow them to be freely enjoyed both by its customers and by all those who have a passion for contemporary art. Cristina Gilda Artese has also long been committed to promoting and supporting the free enjoyment of contemporary art: in fact, in addition to her role as art director at Gilda Contemporary Art, an art gallery founded in 2017 and located in the historic district of Cinque Vie, she is the founder of the arsprima Cultural Association, dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art and publisher of the contemporary anomaly magazine 'Or Not'.