12.09.2023 - 20.10.2023

Jacopo Ascari - 5VIE Tales

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Art+Design Experience / mostra

5vie selection

physical event


Plus+ Milano

Via Novati, 2


opening 12 settembre 2023 h 18.00 - 21.00

Plus+ Milano is a space in the heart of the 5VIE "dedicated to the home and where you can feel at home". It  combines luxury real estate services and interior design. It becomes a residency for artists who reinterpret its delightful interiors. 

Jacopo Ascari has always investigated the thin line between architecture and fashion, interpreting it in an emotional and artistic key. For this new residency, Plus+ Milano and Jacopo Ascari celebrate the Cinque Vie, one of the most significant contexts of Milan. 5VIE TALES investigates the urban and cultural landscape of 5VIE through sketches, drawings but also site-specific installations that reference to the imaginary, fantastic and fairy tales. Architectures alternate with patchworks of urban composition and sketches, depicting a precious social and cultural fabric to which Jacopo Ascari dedicates a passionate declaration of love.