31.05.2023 - 24.06.2023

Tutto è uno, uno è tutto

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Gilda Contemporary Art

Via San Maurilio, 14


tuesday- saturday, 10:30 - 19:00

Gilda Contemporary Art presents the solo exhibition of Francesca Romana Pinzari curated by Cristina Gilda Artese, entitled Tutto è uno, uno è tutto.

Francesca Romana Pinzari's research bases its foundations on the experience of the body lived through performative actions, on the investigation of matter through the creation of sculptures where the material itself is self-produced or transformed (crystals, brambles, shrubs, hair) until arriving at the investigation of the concept of belonging of Man to Nature, as made of the same organic component of each element of Nature itself. A visceral work, with citations and evocations of ancestral archetypes, and at the same time spiritual and conceptual synthesis. So much so that the impression is that through the creation of the material, in the case of the works on display, crystals made in the artist's studio, and the drawing recomposed through writing, we reach the abstraction and conceptualization of the very meaning of existence.

In recent years, since the exhibition in Gilda Contemporary Art held in 2017 and titled Supernatural, Pinzari has delved through a personal path into meditation and some spiritual methodologies aimed at self-knowledge; in particular, fundamental has been the encounter with the ancient practice of energetic reconciliation, understood as a practice of cancellation of negative thoughts and forces, of Hawaiian tradition, moreover still present in the oceanic continent, called Ho'oponopono.

Meditation, through the recitation of mantras, gives active power to speech, which itself becomes an instrument of mutation, liberation and transcendence.

On display is an installation of sculptures made from crystals bearing the title of the word "forging."  In fact, in the path of creation, the artist placed the word as an activating component of the material, a kind of catalyst, placing it written on the vessels filled with water and destined for the transformation of the powders into crystal. The energy of water, combines with the word to cause the mutation of matter by an alchemical process.

Hence the works with the titles Thank you, I am, I am sorry, I love you, Sat nam, Ho'oponopono , All is one, one is all, all is love.

Like formulas that give life to form, the word enters the process giving rise to thought forms. It is always the word, fluidly and freely handwritten on large papers with an evocative ultramarine-blue ink, that reconfigures spiritual maps, paths, pathways to the liberation of one's vital energy channels. Interesting is the photographic rendering of "named crystals" that become small icons, almost votive offerings of the named form, in a composition of 9 fine art prints composing a magic square. An exhibition of extreme synthesis and formal rigor that, as is a constant matrix of the artist, does not disregard an involvement personal emotional and ultimately, of the user.

On the day of the finissage, scheduled for Saturday, June 24, a performance of a ritual nature will take place, for which accreditation is necessary since there is a limited number.