06.10.2022 - 06.10.2022

DMW Interiors

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Alberto Levi Gallery

Via San Maurilio, 24


18.30 - 21

Alberto Levi Gallery is pleased to present DMW Interiors, an exhibition in collaboration with interior designer Daniela Wajskol, in which the new collection of Textural rugs is presented along with the entire new line of furniture accessories.  The exhibition is an expression of the synergy developed over decades of collaborations between Alberto Levi and Daniela Wajskol, who share the intent of thinking about furnishing objects in their essentiality and sobriety supported by the elegance of the highest quality materials.

DMW Interiors was born from the project to design and produce a line of fine rugs and mats.

The Textural collection woven by hand in Nepal is offered in two different natural yarns, hemp and nettle fiber, each in three different flatweaves. These are accompanied by two examples designed by Jonathan Wajskol, hand-knotted with Himalayan wools and marked with graphic signs reminiscent of Japanese minimalist art. The designer's intent is to create a balance between chaos and order, between black and white, eliciting a skillful emotionality.

DMW Interiors also offers a selection of contemporary furnishings made of precious materials, created by Italian craftsmanship, designed with great accuracy and attention to detail, with the possibility of customizing each piece by adapting it to every need. Daniela Wajskol interprets all types of environments with a unique spirit, mixing simple materials with precious objects.  Each object in the new collection is designed to create a synergy with the furnishings of the home, furnishing accessories with clean and simple lines.  Brushed brass shines with its own light, the natural oak of the coffee table is enhanced by bronze intrusions.

Floor lamps remain iconic, capable of setting in any space, from the most classic to the most minimal and understated. The atmosphere is composed of several elements that have always accompanied Daniela Wajskol's path, with the furniture made in collaboration with the artisans she has always worked with, capable of interpreting the research and inspirations gathered over the years and travels.

The presentation of the new DMW Interiors furniture line is also enriched by the presence of the extraordinary antique objects from the Longari Arte Milano collection.