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16.12.2022 - 10:00

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07.06.2022 - 18:30


Cocktail Party - Botanical Banquet by Astrid Luglio for Erbert


Erbert Store

Piazza S. Quasimodo, 2

Designer Astrid Luglio talks about her installation Botanical Banquet.
Followed in the outdoor area by Erbert's signature aperitif accompanied by live music.


On the occasion of the upcoming Design Week, Erbert, the first Italian chain of healthy and tasty eating meets Astrid Luglio, a product designer who focuses on culinary culture as a design medium.
Thus, with this collaboration, an interesting fusion of the world of food with the world of art is born.
"Botanical Banquet" is a collection of both cookie and glazed ceramics, assembled together in scenic compositions, made in collaboration with the artisans of Vecchia Lodi artistic ceramics.
In this collection, culinary and botanical elements create a landscape of soft, albino colors that interact with the raw material of the Erbert store in Quasimodo Square, visually telling its preciousness.
A totem board in Erbert's atrium on which fruits and vegetables tower as if in a contemporary still life painting. Fennel, radicchio, tomatoes, asparagus, leeks, zucchini indispensable in the ages as spontaneous gifts of the earth. Peaches, lemons, citrons considered divine because growing on trees brought them closer to the gods.
In ancient Greece for the Pythagoreans as in Orphism, the connection to a natural diet seemed to presage today's urgency for awareness about the provenance and quality of what we eat.
Botanical Banquet is a tribute to that thought as ancient as it is contemporary in which ephemeral sculptures adorn the table and dialogue with Erbert's space and vision.

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