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04.09.2021 - 10.09.2021

Il viso del mondo

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SIAM 1838

Via Santa Marta, 18

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 “IL VISO DEL MONDO” a social/urban installation represented by various off the scale sculptural shapes interpreting different races, through women’s faces, symbolising sensitivity,emotions, supportiveness, warmth, empathy, affection, tenderness, devotion, and understanding… A Woman in her Essence is a gift to the world and a symbol of strength and freedom. The whole installation is inspired from the pop culture aesthetics with its famous icons and its vivid colors.

Made of reflective convex/protruding surfaces in high polished coated stainless steel finishing with waterproof synthetic fibers serving as hair shapes and styles altogether on a “collerette” type platforms. This shiny exterior reflects everything around from landscapes, lights, and definitely the people moving nearby, the surface invites visitors to observe their own reflection as an interactive experience, converting the viewer into “the face of the world”.

“IL VISO DEL MONDO” explores the power of the face and its importance as the greatest human organ of emotion, our “FACES” are extraordinary social instruments, dynamic canvas or communication screens on which emotions are drawn intensely, “IL VISO DEL MONDO” is a gate serving as a medium to connect with our inner soul, while being persistent in self-awareness and accountability, however by contemplating yet listening to our soul’s desire. Not to mention, the soul communicates through the body gestures and feelings reflected on this mirrored surface…Eventually, with this approach or therapy, we urge the mind to regenerate it self-confidence along with its Soul, Ego, and Cognitive-Behaviour.