08.09.2021 - 09:30


Beyond the digital Renaissance - Discourses around art, culture and the new technologies

This event aims to analyze the impact of new technologies and in particular those related to blockchain on the art and culture industry, by addressing the issue from different points of view in three thematic round tables.
The meeting is curated and moderated by Luisa Ausenda, digital art curator and Intl Projects Manager at Galleria Continua as part of 5VIE Design Week for the series of meetings "design in progress" dedicated to debate and exchange of ideas.
Roundtable 1 - Digital Art Practices, Exhibiting and Collecting
● Pablo Rodríguez Fraile and Desirée Casoni, Collezione Lot 555 / RFC
● Andrea Bonaceto, artist
● Skygolpe, artist
● Serena Tabacchi, MoCDA
Roundtable 2 - Digital Platforms and Enterprises
● Pablo Rodríguez Fraile, Aorist
● Andrea Bonaceto, Aorist
● Pietro Grassano, Algorand
● Giuseppe Corsello, Kellify
● Alessandro D'amato, Alsaro and SmARTravel
Roundtable 3 - Economic Development in Arts & Culture through the New Technologies
● Elisa Napolitano, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
● Domenico Quaranta, art writer and curator
● Franco Losi, Cinello
● Paola Dubini, Bocconi University, CLEACC
● Erminia Sciacchitano, MiC, Ministero della Cultura

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