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04.04.2017 - 09.04.2017

Foyer Gorani, a design curated Piazza for creative minds


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5VIE Co-production - Curated by Federica Sala Projects by: 

In order to publicize the culture of the territory 5VIE moves its cultural hub to promote an area characterized by recent architectonical and environmental requalification: Piazza Gorani. The renovation project by the architects Cecchi & Lima Architetti Associati gave new life to the square, which is now a perfect area to rest thanks to the beautiful landscape design, and a meeting point because it opens to the streets behind. In the past, the Imperial Palace was situated in this area. For this reason, the district decided to tell about the various periods the square passed through by transforming it in FOYER GORANI, a meeting point of the project. Ideal for resting and walking, this square is a mixture of contemporary and archaeological elements. 

During the Milan Design Week 2017 it turns into FOYER GORANI, a focused selection of contemporary design talents, each with a different style, who are called to tell about their unreleased or recent production and about the importance of research, analysis of the materials, stratification between past and present, no matter if it is a public or a private past period.  Each artist called by 5VIE for FOYER GORANI will use one of the spaces under construction on the ground floor of the new buildings. 


What fascinates about the work of Sabine Marcelis is her ability to join art, design and architecture in pursuit of experimenting materials and through the filter of optical survey. The exhibition is a trialogue of the designer’s research and includes some of her most recent works such as the Dawn Lights for the Victor Hunt Gallery-Brussels, some of her historical creations such as the Seeing in Glass series designed in collaboration with Brit van Nerven. 

SIGVE KNUTSON - Drawn to Production

in collaboration with Carwan Gallery - Beirut Sigve Knutson explores how a designer might work if the traditional design process were shortened and relying on materials that allow for immediacy. Much like an intuitively made drawing, the objects express the personal and intuitive, interests and fascinations without it being filtered away. On the contrary, designing an object usually implies the progressive modification of the initial thoughts as it travels through the different stages of designing an object. Knutson developed this project to face the progressive decay of the original idea and to let it be the foundation of which an object is made. 


The project, lasted 365 days, from one side started as a game and from the other carried out to identify with the obsessive daily work of Morandi, by personally studying the relations among shape, color and height, turned into an analysis of groups of objects, as if they were lineages that share common physical characteristics, personality features or chromatism. 


in collaboration with Spazio Nobile Gallery, Brussels. The inspiration of Philipp Weber came from the production of coke, which is performed behind industrial curtains on a large scale. Philipp’s research reveals that during this procedure the coal does not burn, but loses its volatile contents. What remains, is almost pure carbon. In ‘From Below’ Philipp wants to investigate this process intellectually and implement his encounters in an aesthetically crafted manner. 

Opening: 10 am to 8 pm. Tuesday, 4 April – Sunday, 9 April

Press Preview: Monday, 3 April, 10 am to 5 pm

Opening: Wednesday, 5 April, 6 pm to midnight