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Interior-D Online Talk

by Interior D - LCI Melbourne

What’s happened to your interior during lockdown?

From North to South, across the whole world: we try to find answers with a Psychologist in Stockholm, an Architect in Treviso and a Designer in Melbourne.

When we think about the lockdown, we remember that there were difficult days, but also interesting ones. Maybe daring slightly. There were days full of inspiration and days that forced us to ask hard questions: Who am I? Where am I? What do I want? Crisis are situations of ideological and social fermentation. This forced halt in a physical space (the home) has allowed for the definition of new boundaries in our mental spaces. Soul, body, mind and physique all bound inside our homely walls seem to be looking for a new balance: the awareness of well-being and well-living inside one’s home. The home which turns into a refuge, a nest, but also a container.

In Melbourne, 200 up and coming designers tell us about their world of objects in the home to better understand how we use the objects we buy and surround ourselves with. Are they useful? Are they decorative? Are they indispensable? Do they make us feel good? We learn about two design graduates who in the midst of lockdown started a new project dedicated to the slow experience which operates entirely from their home. NODE (No Ordinary Design Era) encompasses the use of household objects and the natural light from their home interior to bring calm to the design pieces they give new life to.

NODE Press release

In Italy, through social networks and forums, people answered a questionnaire to determine which room is the centre of their home.

In Sweden, where the State has decided a peculiar approach to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, some qualitative interviews have been run to understand what meanings have been attributed to a new way of living together.

This and many other topics will be the basis of a discussion open to the public during the talk which focuses on the shift of wellbeing within one's home.

Online Talk
Thursday, October 8th 2020
11:00 am -12:00 pm CEST

Interior D - LCI Melbourne

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