about us

5Vie is a glocal creative hub, founded in 2013 and based in the historical center of Milan.

Last September we launched the first chapter of our virtual network: 5VIE D‘N’A. This was on online and offline event created on the occasion of Milano Design City 2020.

Now we are ready to take things further ahead. By January 2021 we will be launching our online gallery: GALLERIA. This will be a curated digital space where we showcase international art, architecture and design. A permanent exhibition displaying the most creative in the world, globally connecting them to the heart of Milan.

about us

Martina Guandalini, Soulmate Collection - physical&digital exhibition on 5VIE D'N'A

our network

Over the years we collaborated with leading and emerging designers from all over the world. Herewith a shortlist with some of the great people we had the chance to work with:

Anton Alvarez, Maarten Baas, Ilaria Bianchi, Valentina Cameranesi, Matteo Cibic, CTRLZAK, JamesPlumb, Kiki&Joost, Max Lamb, Ugo La Pietra, Astrid Luglio, Sabine Marcelis, Carlo Massoud, Erez Nevi Pana, Luca Nichetto, Nùevù studio, studio Ossidiana, Federico Peri, Raw Edges, Sara Ricciardi, Marzio Rusconi Clerici, Roberto Sironi, Soft Baroque, Elena Salmistraro, Tellurico, Richard Yasmine, Nanda Vigo
Tellurico, Tkat Tower, 2019 - digital exhibition on 5VIE D'N'A

our goal


is a perfect opportunity for artists and designers to showcase their work to a global audience in a high-quality context.


will be the first part of a broader project, where the worldwide art and design community will have the chance to connect with public and private actors belonging to other creativity clusters - from fashion to music to craftmanship.

Richard Yasmine, After Ago, 2020 - digital exhibition on 5VIE D'N'A

previous chapter: 5Vie d'n'a

5VIE D'N'A took place from 28 September to 10 October 2020. It was a physical and digital event, with exhibitions and performances in our district in Milan an with webinars, talks, and digital exhibitions on our dedicated platform: 5VIE D'N'A

Richard Yasmine, After Ago, 2020 - home page of the digital exhibition on 5VIE D'N'A
Richard Yasmine, After Ago, 2020 - home page of the digital exhibition on 5VIE D'N'A
Richard Yasmine, profile page on 5VIE D'N'A

what the press says

With energy and positive spirit […] [5Vie] continues its work in support of the design culture with the aim of giving value to the territory, its heritage and its actors, not only local, but also national and international, creating an active participation and giving visibility to an unquestionably global creative community.

Elle Decor España


The exhibitions of the 5Vie district speak of a New Humanism. In line with an approach already tested in previous years, for this year made even more essential, 5Vie presents a series of exhibitions that have little or nothing to do with commercial intent tout court, that do not hesitate to deal with themes closely related to anthropological issues. Thus outlining a scenario articulated between art and design, that seems to find its strength precisely from its own composite nature and from the heterogeneity of the designers involved.



5Vie is nowadays globally recognized as the new research and avant-garde design center. The district aims at reconfirming its centrality as a reference point through the variety of its contents, gathered from all over the world, and through the attention and care towards unique pieces, collectibles and contaminations among arts.



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GALLERIA goes online by January 2021. Stay tuned!

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We are looking forward to welcoming you for GALLERIA. You can always contact us for more information.

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