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17.04.2018 - 22.04.2018


Sei qui: Casa dello Zecchiere


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Casa dello Zecchiere

Via del Bollo, 3

The exhibition "Repeat&Shuffle. Visual Patterns, New Media and Light Art", hosted by La Casa dello Zecchiere during Milan Design Week 2018, will be dedicated to the artists Nino AlfieriMarco BrianzaMassimo Hachen and Eleonora Roaro

It will focus on repetition and randomness, order and disorder. These concepts bond together artworks that, in spite of using different media, deal with color, light and interfaces. They examine perceptive phenomena and our approach to knowledge, often from a symbolic point of view. 

Nino Alfieri (Milano, 1953) employs cyclical structures, often inspired by nature and the cosmos, with an interest towards the transformative processes of light and matter. Photography is, according to Marco Brianza (Varese, 1972), an instrument to observe and record variations of light. His installation RED, through a smartphone and a software algorithm, questions the use of color in digital images, as they are numeric representations. Massimo Hachen’s (Milano, 1952) practice is influenced by Gestalt theory and the science of vision. An object, according to its lighting, can chance completely not only its color, but also its structure. Eleonora Roaro's (Varese, 1989) research involves images in motion, with a particular focus on video and archaeology of cinema. With work based on loops, she often revisits ancient devices – such as zoetropes – in order to reflect on how technologies influence the way we see.