eventi 5VIE D'N'A 2021 digital

12.04.2021 - 18.04.2021

Richard Yasmine

presents: Size Matters


5vie event

eventi digitali

Inspired by the ideology of artistic movements such as the simplification of cubism, the primitivism "state of nature” notion and the pseudo-naïve known by its childlike simplicity and frankness while just few graphical figures showing simple lines can create remarkable volumes without being credulous, a style purposely rejecting sophisticated techniques with only a bold directness resembling to primitive sketches, with slight perspectives and frank colors.

SIZE MATTERSis an edition of several playful however glamorous volumetric pieces of furniture, conceived with multiple static elementary geometrical figures such as cylinders, cubes, prism, parallelepipeds, and more, combined together to form dynamic useful objects, some made of brass and glass, others made of recycled compacted material structures concealed with oversized fabric compressed as drapery to fit each of the shapes then detained by a belt to fix yet to prevent the excess fabric from falling down.

Highlights on several social subjects in particular the Overconsumption interpreted physically by the extra fabric inches. Oppositely how communities or consumers should rethink, reduce and obstruct, well this is reflected by the belts precluding superfluous material.
Furthermore “SIZE MATTERS” accentuate the “less is more” theory, this approach involves stripping a design down to its bare essentials using minimal lines, casting aside any elements that do not contribute to the pure beauty or function of an object while keeping vital, graceful and practical shapes deprived of unnecessary  embellishment.